Being the wife of Airman I was really excited to hear the news that we had found Osama Bin Laden and had killed him. I know that the death of any human being should not bring another human the feeling of joy. After I thought about all that had happen I began to feel really bad for being happy over his death. I know he was evil….well to Americans he was evil….I know he did bad things and caused the death of a lot of people. However despite these facts for some reason I feel that he deserved a trial. If we couldn’t give him that…and we had to kill him…I feel we should have a least given his body back to his family…not dumped it in the ocean. I dont want to offend anyone…God knows I love this country and our military…but I also believe in compassion. Despite his wrong doings he was someones father, someones son, someones friend. I would have like to see the US be the bigger person and allow the man to be buried. For all we know he could have made his peace with God in the hours before the attack. Besides that who are we judge?


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  1. D.I.
    May 05, 2011 @ 01:39:29

    Sheena- it was great to hear you say this. Many of us are very cynical about these reports- some say Osama was killed in 2001 – and there’s little love for him in the Muslim world we know- but it makes the administration look bad that they didn’t let him surrender, and buried him at sea. I admire that you said you’d like to see the “US be the bigger person” – that’s a rare sentiment and understanding indeed.



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