Being the wife of Airman I was really excited to hear the news that we had found Osama Bin Laden and had killed him. I know that the death of any human being should not bring another human the feeling of joy. After I thought about all that had happen I began to feel really bad for being happy over his death. I know he was evil….well to Americans he was evil….I know he did bad things and caused the death of a lot of people. However despite these facts for some reason I feel that he deserved a trial. If we couldn’t give him that…and we had to kill him…I feel we should have a least given his body back to his family…not dumped it in the ocean. I dont want to offend anyone…God knows I love this country and our military…but I also believe in compassion. Despite his wrong doings he was someones father, someones son, someones friend. I would have like to see the US be the bigger person and allow the man to be buried. For all we know he could have made his peace with God in the hours before the attack. Besides that who are we judge?


Bird Video 2

Getting Over My Internet Fears

Having had to create so many new accounts because of this class has really helped me get over my fear of being stalked by Internet scum. I have begin an active user of Ebay and also signed up to pay some of my bills online. I am still oober careful about talking to people and will not be joining any internet chat rooms but hey it is a start.

End Of Semester

Well it is that time…end of semester. This is the hardest part of any class. It seems once you finally get comfortable the semester ends and all the apprehension comes back because you don’t know what the next class holds for you. This class has been great. I had a wonderful time getting to know everyone. D. I really helped us get to know the internet better and helped us get more comfortable being apart of the virtual world. I hope to have other classes that are this good. I feel like I have learned so much!

Group Project

Our final group project involved the whole class. We decided that it would be a good idea to each screencast a tutorial for a Web 2.0 tool we found interesting. After we were finished we created an account on YouTube and combined our screencast to create a channel. This project was fun and also informative. I had never used a screencasting program but wanted to learn how. This is something I will definitely use in the future. To view our channel click here.

Fun Team Project

For my fun team project I participate in a spoof of the show Top Chef with several of my classmates. To complete the project we each recorded a video of ourselves creating a dish…from there we uploaded the video so that the next person could add to it. In the end we come up with a fabulous product. This project was so much fun and really helped us gain more experience with creating videos, and posting them on the internet. You can view our project by clicking the play button below.

Serious Team Project

For my serious team project I collaborated with Jennifer and Amanda and we created a website on Google Sites dedicated to internet safety. Building the site helped us practice the skills we have learned this semester as well as helped us reach out to others and inform them of proper internet behavior. We all felt that internet safety is a subject that should be discussed more. Perhaps even in a classroom form to students who are coming into high school. You can visit our site here.

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